Sunday, March 1, 2015

XIV - The Journey's End

Enjoying Retirement

Proud Americans without forgetting their roots. German and Polish farewells
Note the abbreviation S.P. over dad's name,  it stands for "Swietej Pamieci" with accent mark over the "S" which literally means "In holy memory."  It was important to me to combine this traditional part of Polish heritage as well as his love of the U.S.

The journey ended December 10, 1992. He had a hardships beyond imagination but rebounded and  he had a good life  living the American dream. The Frackiewicz family grew and has become as mom used to say, "an international family" including German, Polish, American, Hispanic, Guatemalan, and Taiwanese branchs.

An old picture,missing 7 new spouses, 4 more grandchildren,  6 great grand kids.
  John Zygmunt joined the family November 22, 2017. 
Dad would be so proud. 

At the combining of their ashes into one urn at the death of my mom, I played his favorite song for the small family group over their grave, a haunting military tribute to all servicemen lost called "The Silence". The only record he ever asked me find for him.

I encourage the reader to listen to the beautiful song on the link below, it completes the story, and in a way, says it all for Dad and all servicemen around the world

The journey is over, Rest in Peace Dad 

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  1. What a wonderful tribute to your family, Roman! I can't imagine the hours of research this must have taken! It's hard to even grasp what your father must have gone through - one thing for sure is that he was a tough young man and determined to make it through the turmoil because he had to meet your mother and start his family! As you mentioned in the beginning, I feel the same way you do about wishing you would have asked more questions while your dad was still alive. My dad served in WWII and was in France and Germany, I believe. I so wish I would have taken the time to sit with him and ask questions about his service to our country, although my mom always said he didn't really like to talk about it. I enjoyed seeing the pictures of your mom - I remember when you lived on State Street and she would be out for a walk and would quite often stop by our house and Mom and she would visit about most anything. Mom really enjoyed their chats. You did a great job on this, Roman - you can certainly be proud of yourself and I'm sure your parents are as well!