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IV - Where was he captured? Grodno ?

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The POW documents with multi- language translation issues and the personal history all differ on the capture location.

  1. Step-sister Janina stated before  she passed, he was in the Polish Grodno army and captured in Grodno (now Belarus). This may be a translation issue.
  2. Documents state he was captured in Lwow, Poland aka Lviv aka Lvov, aka Lemberg (now Ukraine)
  3. Documents also state he was captured in  Brzezany, Poland aka Berezhany (now Ukraine)
  4. After I started this blog, in late 2016 I obtained a faint document in Russian with old world cursive that required translation so it sat.
Distances are important to note as is location as it relates to the Soviet advance that I will discuss later.
  • Grodno is 549 km from Lwow, basically due North
  • Brzezany is 89 km from Lwiw, basically Southeast
I can assume early in his military service, the letters home were more frequent and he probably was in the Grodno army. This initial information stuck with his family. As the German massed on the Western border of Poland in 1939, Zygmunt's service, which was due to be completed by June of 1939, was extended to battle the invaders and he was sent where the greatest defense need was.

I can eliminate the Grodno location due to distance from the most referenced capture sites of Lwow and Brzezany.  As it became evident of the impending invasion, not only was his "draft" extended but he was marshalled where the greatest need was, and after September 1, 1939, it could be anywhere. 

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